Here are some videos dedicated to the work of Ettore Roesler Franz, divided into three sections.


RAI Tg3 Lazio with interview to the Manager of the Museum of Rome in Trastevere Silvana Bonfili on the exhibition of Ettore Roesler Franz’s watercolors in 2015

RAI Tg3 Lazio with music of some of the watercolors showed at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere in 2015

Rete Sole on the exhibition of Ettore Roesler Franz watercolors at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere (from the min. 28’01” to 32’48”) in 2015

Images and History of “Portico d’Ottavia, The Roman Ghetto” edited by Hamos Guetta, from with 4 watercolors of Ettore Roesler Franz

Museum of Rome in Trastevere with music and with some pictures of Ettore Roesler Franz exposed in 2009 + video with background on the show

“Best Film for the Cultural Resources” International Tourfilmfestival of Montecatini Terme 1988

“Award Quality” Office of the Tourism and the Show 1990.

16 mm. Color. Film Kodak. Technicolor stamps


With music in the background

With the song “Roma non fa la stupida stasera” sung by Andrea Bocelli in the background

With lullaby taken by “Oci Ciornie” of N. Michalkov sung by Marie Rudgeri

With music Zbigniew Preisner – L’Enfance in the background

With music by Mozart piano sonata n. 17 in the background

With “Arrivederci Roma”, sung by Anna Magnani and Renato Rascel

With musical background

With music

With musical background and songs in English


By Bruno Leoni with musical background of 1’13” with comparison and montage of the watercolors of Ettore Roesler Franz at Salara 120 years later

“Vanished Rome” of Angela Cannizzaro on the historical floods in Rome

With music on “C’era una volta la Città eterna”

With music with photos, Roman songs and Vanished Rome videos