Some works are exposed in the exhibition Practices of Rome 1800s – from Pinelli to Roesler Franz, held on the occasion of the III National Antique Show.


Twenty-seven watercolors of Rome Picturesque series are brought to the Folklore Museum (now the Museum of Rome in Trastevere), recently set up.

Other 15 works are exhibited from September 27 to October 12 at the 5th National Antiques Fair of Rome.


Four watercolors are displayed in the exhibition The Pontine Swamps, organized by the Municipality of Latina for the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the city.

For the 75th anniversary of the death of the Artist, 26 unpublished views of the Roman countryside are exposed in the Throne Room of the Villa d’Este in Tivoli. Here the exhibition catalog.


16 works by the artist are on display in the Art Gallery of Via Giulia (Rome) in the exhibition Between ‘800 and’ 900 – Rome: its models and its painters.


From 22 December to 22 January a significant anthology of 24 works is presented in the exhibition Rome and the Roman Countryside in the unpublished watercolors by Ettore Roesler Franz in the Nineteenth Century Roman Gallery.


Nine watercolors are displayed in the exhibition Tivoli and his campaign in the nineteenth century painting, which took place in the Throne Room of Villa d’Este on the occasion of the 3200° Christmas of Tivoli.


Two watercolors are displayed in the basement of the Valentini Palace, headquarter of the Province of Rome in the first retrospective of The Society of watercolor painters.


Some works of the Roman municipal collection are on display in the exhibition The Ottobrata. A Roman festival, held at Folklore Museum in Rome.

From 17 November to 12 December other watercolors are on display in the Palace of Culture of Latin America in the exhibition Latin tellus. Views and customs of the Roman Campagna by Pinelli to Roesler Franz.


Some watercolors end up in the event dedicated to the Association of Watercolourists in Rome at the Galleria Antiquaria Belardi Rumor.


Some works are shown in the exhibition Views of Rome at the Rampa Mignanelli in Rome at the Galleria Antiquaria Belardi Rumor.


Between December and January, the City of Rome organizes the exhibition True Proofreading: watercolors by Ettore Roesler Franz at Folklore Museum, exhibiting 27 watercolors of the series Vanished Rome hosted in the Museum, accompanied by sketches, photographs and watercolors of England and the Roman countryside from private collections. Here the catalog.


From April 5 to May 13, four watercolors of Roesler Franz are displayed in the exhibition Along the Via Appia in Rome at the Galleria Antiquaria Belardi Rumor.

From 19 April to 23 May for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Roesler Franz, the cultural association Studio Ottocento organizes in piazza Margana in Rome the exhibition of 39 watercolors: Ettore Roesler Franz, disappeared and the Roman countryside Rome, which is inaugurated by the Mayor of Rome Francesco Rutelli at the opening of the celebrations of 2748° Christmas of Rome. Here the catalog.

From 30 September to 28 October there is an exhibition of 29 watercolors in the Throne Room of the Villa d’Este in Tivoli.


Two unpublished watercolors of Roesler Franz are presented in the exhibition Society of Amateurs and Connoisseurs between the nineteenth and twentieth century, held in Rome in the Campo de’Fiori Gallery.

On May 23 in the hall San Bernardino of the City of Tivoli, Marco Testi presents the unpublished watercolor by Ettore Roesler Franz “Elm Square – Tivoli”.


A watercolor by the artist is shown in the exhibition Views of Rome – End XVIII – Beginning XX Century, held in the Art Gallery Paolo Antonacci in via del Babuino 141 / a – Rome.


From 10 to 31 July are exhibited, among others, twelve works of Roesler Franz by the Province of Rome, at the Small Baths Trajanees.

From 6 to 20 December is held another exhibition with four watercolors of Roesler Franz: Roman Watercolourists by Bartolomeo Pinelli Cesare Pascarella, at the Fondazione Marco Besso in Rome.


4 watercolors by Ettore Roesler Franz are exhibited from November 22 to February 24 shows in The Roman Countryside from Hackert to Balla exhibition.


From 27 February to 2 March some watercolors are displayed in the exhibition Romans Watercolourists by Pinelli to Pascarella, held at the New Chess Club at the Palazzo Rondanini in Via del Corso in Rome.

From November 14 to December 23 two new watercolors by Ettore Roesler Franz are exposed at the Alessio Ponti Gallery in via Monserrato 8 in Rome during the exhibition The nineteenth century Roman, paintings, drawings and sculptures.


The exhibition Lazio countryside, held from December 22 to January 19 in the Baronial Castle of Fondi at the initiative of the City, are exposed four watercolors of Roesler Franz.


From 12 March to 2 April at the Vittoriano in Rome there is the exhibition From the Ghetto to the city – The Jewish quarter of Rome and its commercial activities which, among others, 18 works of Vanished Rome series are back on public display. Here you can see the pictures exposed.


On the occasion of the first Centenary of honorary citizenship of Tivoli given to the artist, the exhibition retrospective of 97 works by Ettore Roesler Franz, a landscape artist of the late ‘ 800 in Tivoli and Lazio, is held in Tivoli in the Cardinal’s Apartment at Villa d’Este from 12 May to 26 September. The exhibition is organized under the supervision of the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage, Landscape and the Historical and Artistic Heritage and Demo-ethno for Lazio.

Between the main sponsor there are BancaIntesa (now Intesa SanPaolo) and Axa Assicurazioni.

For the occasion, an European integrated ticket of 9 euro was on purpose founded, including the free entry or reduced for the having right categories.
It was prepared on March 30 by the General Manager for the Architectural Goods and the Landscape Roberto Cecchi with decree published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 151 of 30 June 2004 at pag. 19 and recall in the first page.

On 25 September, at the conclusion of the exhibition, the Mayor of Tivoli Marco Vincenzi names after the memory of the Artist the Staircase Ettore Roesler Franz in piazza Campitelli and the Hall Ettore Roesler Franz in the former Church of San Michele Arcangelo in piazza delle Erbe.

From 19 November to 23 December at Alessio Ponti Gallery in Rome holds the exhibition: Ettore Roesler Franz and Adolfo Scalpelli, studies from life: forty watercolours by Ettore Roesler Franz and his only pupil, Adolfo chisels. It was made a catalog of both exhibitions.


From 3 to December 23, a unpublished watercolour by Ettore Roesler Franz is exposed in the exhibition Landscape painting in Rome in the second half of the nineteenth century at the Galleria Alessio Ponti in Rome.


From December 19, 2007 to March 30, 2008 in the Museo di Roma in Trastevere on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the artist is held the exhibition Landscapes of memory: the roman watercolours of Ettore Roesler Franz 187695 with catalog published by Mandragora, Firenze of 286 pages with text in Italian and English.


From 17 December to 28 June is hosted at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, the exhibition Rome by Ettore Roesler Franz. Between fascination for quaint and photographic memory (here the exhibition poster). Forty of the artist’s watercolors, painted between 1876 and 1897 depicting points of Rome invested from demolitions, are compared with 48 vintage photos to relive the atmosphere of Rome in the late 1800s.


From 23 september to 13 november 2016 a watercolor of Roesler Franz has been exposed in the exhibition “Ai piedi della Piramide. Il cimitero per gli stranieri a Roma – 300 anni”, organized by Casa di Goethe.


Ettore Roesler Franz carried out 69 exhibitions of his paintings – 46 in Italy and 23 abroad – between 1873 and 1907.

In particular, we mention the presentation of the 1st Set of “Rome Pittoresca – Memories of an era that goes” (later “Vanished Rome) whereby the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome) was inaugurated in 1883. The exhibition was replied in 1888 in the Exposure in Berlin – Real Academy of Nice Arts where he won “a small gold medal” from the emperor Wilhelm II. Two years later, the 1st Set was also exposed in Vienna at the Schonbrunnerhause (Building of the society of the Austrian Artists). In this occasion, the local press showed great appreciation for the work of Roesler Franz. In 1890, he got the diploma of honour during the exposure of watercolors and crayons in Dresden and King Umberto I, according to the suggestion of the Minister od Education, named him Knight Cross of the Crown of Italy at home. In 1891 the artist got to the press the valuable catalog of the cycle “Rome Pittoresca – Memories of an era that goes”. In 1897 he exposed the 80 watercolors that compose the 2^ and 3 ^ Series of “Rome Pittoresca – Memories of an era that goes” to the National Dramatic Theater in Rome where it got a huge success and it has been extended. Finally, in 1904, the same 80 acquarellis were showed at Earl’s Court in London.

Here are the details:

ROME (Annual Exhibition of the Association of Watercolourists and the Society of Amateurs and Connoisseurs of Fine Arts)

From 1873 to 1895, in 1897 (here some original photos of the exhibition taken by the Painter and here his own invitation to the press), 1899-1900, 1902-1905 and in 1907. Basically, the artist was absent just four times in 35 years of exhibitions in the capital.

TURIN (Promoter Society of Fine Arts)

From 1874 to 1880, in 1884 and in 1902.

MILAN (Special national and international exhibition of watercolors)

In 1893.

FLORENCE (Solemn Exhibitions and Arts & Flowers Festival)

In 1874, nel 1876 e nel 1896.


In 1876.

VENICE (Sixth International Exhibition of Arts, organized by the Venice Biennale)

In 1905.


In 1878 and in 1900.


In 1876, in 1885, in 1888 e in 1904.


In 1876, in 1898, in 1902 and in 1904.


In 1888 and in 1895.


In 1890.


In 1891.


In 1883, in 1893, in 1898, in 1902 and in 1903.


In 1890.


Click here to see the list in chronological order of all 69 exposures made alive by the painter with the titles of his works.