The work of Ettore Roesler Franz has inspired in the past and still nowadays many artists of several categories, especially Nativity scenes maker. Every year, accurate representations of his watercolors are proposed at Christmastime as a frame for the classics Christmas Nativity scenes.

Christmas 2016

The winning nativity scene of 2016 edition is the one exhibited in San Marcello al Corso Church in Rome, Piazza di S. Marcello, 5.

 Christmas 2015

Following you can see the award ceremony of two Nativity scenes considered among the most complex and elaborate of Christmas 2015: Christian Apreda’s crib, exposed during the international exhibition of Esposizione Internazionale dei 100 Presepi in Sale del Bramante, and the crib of the Associazione Italiana degli Amici del Presepio (AIAP), exposed as every year in the Church Santa Maria in Via, in Rome.


Christian Apreda

Vanished Rome: “Old houses in St. Cecilia”, reproduced from a watercolor of Ettore Roesler Franz.

With this crib, Christian Apreda won the Special Prize: Medal of the Senate of the Italian Republic. (direct link)

“With his artistic sensibility and his ability to create new forms and ideas, the artist takes us back to the former world, which is the world of memories, of our history, letting us to relive the smells and emotions of our heart child.”


Nativity scene inspired by the watercolor “Christmas in Fiumara” – Flooding in Piazza delle tre Cannelle (Christmas 1870) by Ettore Roesler Franz.
The party was held on 14 February 2016 in via del Mortaro 24 and the AIAP, which has spreaded for decades through its members, in many churches of Rome, the Roman Nativity of the nineteenth century themes inspired to Vanished Rome by Ettore Roesler Franz, was awarded.

The crib of 2015 of the Church of Santa Maria in Via, also had the particularity to have among the figurines a wonderful depiction of the Artist in the act of painting, as a tribute.